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Technology, Systems & Innovation driving cost efficiency.


CEVA Logistics supports innovation and the use of robots within our business and encourages start-ups.

CEVA Logistics Innovation


Innovation is at the top of CEVA’s agenda because Innovation is necessary. Our customers expect us to match their own ambitions with a constant flow of new ideas in the 21st century’s 24/7 economy. We design and develop solutions which improve the way we interact with our customers, while simultaneously improving efficiency.

Innovations make working more ergonomic, flexible, efficient, clean and environment-friendly. We look at every aspect of the business to see where we can innovate and bring commercial benefits to our customers - everything from packing machines which automatically fold and fit boxes around an order to robot and drone systems for picking, packing and stock-taking have been tested and then implemented. Optimizing processes in new ways and delivering systems and enhancements which continually improve standards and using our warehouse management systems to make us, more efficient on your behalf. They are all part of what we do. Innovation means future proof.